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Welcome to the Wannadrive Homepage where you will find lots of useful information and tips on passing the driving test with Wannadrive. I am a fully qualified driving instructor with over 7 years experience. Wannadrive is your first choice for learning to drive in St Neots, Huntingdon and the surrounding areas.


Name: Simon Dean
Phone: 07841-291462
Tuition Car: Ford Fiesta - An easy to drive car offering dual controls, good visibility, low CO2 emissions, Modern Safety Features and Air Conditioning.

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red-star-3-7-3-2Block booking discounts, intensive courses and Motorway Refresher Courses are also available.*
*offers subject to conditions please contact Simon for full details

Standard Prices as of 10th June 2016:
1 Hour Lesson = £27
1.5 Hour Lesson = £39 (block of 10 lessons is £370 plus one free lesson)
2 Hour Lesson = £48
Driving Test = £50

With an average pass rate of over 70% which is well over the National average of 45%, find out what some of my successful students have to say about passing with Wannadrive.ajkl5608983


‘Hi Simon, thanks for the amazing time. By far the best feeling to have passed and wouldn't have got there without your help! Thanks for being so calm and cool with me, and not once knocking my confidence or ability and keeping it sky high, just such an amazing teacher!
Having passed with 2 minors (one being forgetting what headlights were) shows how much I enjoyed and took everything you taught me into the real deal. Thanks again see you on the road’ - Ryan


‘Simon has been the best driving instructor I have ever had! Having moved from houses a few times and changing driving schools, it was hard to find someone who I actually got on with and understood. Simon's instructions were clear, precise and to the point. His support and patience is what's helped me pass my test. Brilliant instructor! Thanks again Siiiiimon!!!’ - Bonita

Simon is a fantastic instructor and is very patient...and testament to that he managed to help me pass first time! I looked forward to every lesson as we always made progress and learnt a lot, and managed to have a laugh at the same time! I'd recommend WannaDrive to anyone wanting to pass their test :)’ - Matt

‘Well done Sian’ - Simon

Simon is the best driving instructor I have had, and I've had a few, he knows how to communicate methods for manoeuvres and makes driving a lot easier. Easy to get on with and can have a laugh whilst cracking on and getting stuff done. Would definitely recommend to any up coming drivers.’ - Connor

‘Well done Chloe’ - Simon

Thank you again for helping me pass my driving test. Words can't describe how happy I am  Thank you for building up my confidence in my driving lessons. It really is a great feeling passing your test & knowing that I can drive independently now. Thanks again Simon :)’ - Lauren

‘Congrats Dani’ - Simon

Simon made me feel at ease straight away and I'll be sad not to have another driving lesson! I managed to pass first time and this was down to Simon making me feel at ease and making sure I was more than ready for my test.’ - Ricky


‘Simon was recommended to me by a friend, who was aware, for me learning to drive had become a bit of a stumbling block. He was extremely patient, encouraging me to overcome my fears. I found I went, very quickly, from dreading lessons to thoroughly enjoying them. I passed first time and in fewer lessons than I had anticipated.’ - Ruth


‘A brilliant driving instructor, always up for having a laugh and pushing you so that you can pass your test. The way he used scenarios, questions and objects to show me what to do and how to do different manoeuvres helped me understand how to do them properly and correct every time. Thank you!’ - Beth

‘Simon has been a great instructor who has lots of patience and made me feel at ease which helped overcome my nervous. Would recommend him to anyone’ - Tina

‘Simon always made my driving lessons fun and enjoyable, he also minimised any stress i had about driving. He was really flexible with lessons, which is great when learning to drive whilst still at school. He put a lot of effort in to make sure i was confident for my test, ensuring i passed first time. I would 100% recommend Simon as a driving instructor, he was amazing.’ - Charlotte


‘Simon is a dedicated and patient driving instructor who helped me to pass on my first test! I really enjoyed learning to drive and I would definitely recommend to anyone who is looking to book lessons.’ - Alicia

Thank you so much for getting me through my lessons and helping me achieve something i didn’t think i was able to do after my hip replacement. You had the patience and made the lessons funny and enjoyable, which definitely put me at ease and gave me the confidence to get through this, and for that i cant thank you enough . :-) ‘ - Diana

“Straight away Simon assessed my level of confidence and ability of driving which allowed me to learn at the pace I was ready for. Lessons are always enjoyable with his great sense of humour and he gave me extra information throughout lessons that will continue to keep me safe on the roads. Cheers Simon for keeping it real!” - George

"Hi Simon, thanks again for the lesson had a good laugh learning to drive with you still so chuffed I passed first time and with only two minors." - Blake

"Simon couldn't of helped me enough get over all my bad habits and fears with driving - best instructor around" - Danielle

Hayley B
"I enjoyed learning to drive with Simon and looked forward to every lesson. He was always patient and Simon helped me to pass first time with only 4 minors!!" - Hayley

Emma C
"I would of never passed if I didn't have simon as my instructor, it took me a while but he's the most patient and reassuring teacher. " - Emma

“Massive thank you Simon! I really enjoyed learning to drive with Wannadrive and it made it something to look forward to instead of a chore! Must be the best driving instructor ever, ensuring I passed first time with only one minor, considering how nervous I was to begin with! Thanks again for making me a confident and competent driver. :D” - Megan

“Learning to drive with Simon didn't really feel like the environment I was used to at school and instead felt like I was being taught by a friend. The lessons were always a laugh and felt stress-free, making the experience enjoyable. Besides the grey hair Simon is actually an okay guy...” - Joe

"excellent driving instructor, made learning to drive interesting and entertaining and I now feel confident to go and drive on my own!" - Aaron

“SIMON IS THE BEST DRIVING INSTRUCTOR IN THE WORLD! He puts you at ease from day one and we ALWAYS had a laugh. The best thing about Simon is that he really does care about getting you through your driving test and does whatever it takes to make it happen, and when I passed I could tell he was genuinely happy for me which made it even better. What a lovely guy! I recommend Simon to EVERYONE that wants to learn to drive. Thank you millions!” -Leah


“Simon is by far one of the best instructors going. He made me a safe competent driver and put me at ease when learning to drive. I would recommend him to anybody he made my lessons fun and enjoyable and I will miss our lessons with this top guy. Thanks for the first time pass mate :)” - Callum


“Simons an amazing instructor! He had so much patience with me as i was driving on and off for 2 years! He helped me to build up my confidence with driving so i was able to pass my test. I would recommend him to anyone as he is amazing at what he does!” - Charlotte

"Simon made each lesson both interesting and fun, I think it shows his teaching skill as he helped me pass first time even with a broken hand." - Brad

“- doesn't push you into doing things if you don't feel confident
- absolutely hilarious
- makes you feel confident even if you do something wrong in the lesson
- let's you go at a pace you feel most comfortable at
- gives you confidence
- makes you feel like you have enough skills after the test to cope and be confident with what you're doing
- chilled out
- makes you feel excited for the next lesson” - Elena

"Thank you for helping me pass first go, I couldn't have done it without you. If you learn with Simon you will feel confident and calm, also Simon is patience which is great as i have a bad memory.
Simon you legend” - Arnie

"I just want to say a huge thank you to Simon for all the effort you put into making me feel at ease on every driving lesson. You're an amazing driving instructor, & i would recommend you to anyone! - thanks again, & all the best for the future!!" - Catherine

“Thanks Simon! Learning to drive with you was enjoyable and always interesting. I felt like I was always making good progress. You're a calm and easy person to get along with and I always had a laugh” - Jake

“Thank you so much Simon! Considering when I started my lessons, I was scared to turn on the engine, I have come along way thanks to you! You were very patient with me and made me feel at ease. Would recommend to anyone!:) “ - Liz

“Cant thank you enough for everything Simon! Never thought id get it done but you made sure i was more than ready for my test. Always a good laugh and good conversation, and very chilled out! Nice one mate :)” - James

“Despite having to travel back between university and home for 2 years to continue learning to drive, Simon was always really positive and patient with me and my silly questions. I'd definitely recommend Simon to new learners because he makes the lessons enjoyable whilst ensuring that you become a confident driver. Thanks Simon!” - Louise

“Congratulations to Tom for passing with Wannadrive” - Simon

“I enjoyed learning to drive with Simon and looked forward to every lesson. He is always patient and the well structured lessons help to tackle any problems I had which helped me to pass first time with only 3 minors!” - Luke

I am glad I chose to learn with Wannadrive! With Simon, I felt like not only was I making good progress towards passing my test, but I also felt like he was preparing me well for when I was driving by myself. He puts a lot of effort into his lessons and helping you improve and I would recommend him any day :) - Joseph

"From the moment I had my first lesson with Simon I felt at ease, with his calm approach, and chilled back attitude. Every lesson was a new learning curve and I feel I was taught it rather than just being told it. Cheers for helping me pass!" - Jamie

"Simon is a great driving instructor; straight away he put me at ease and helped me feel comfortable while driving. He's patient and funny; i really enjoyed learning to drive with him. I would recommend Simon to anyone." :) - Josh

“Just want to say a big thank you to Simon for making every lesson fun and teaching me so much. You were always so patient and couldn't have asked for a better instructor.”- Steph xx

“Congrats Frankie on passing first time” - Simon

“Congrats Jenny on passing first time well done” - Simon

“Congrats to a very happy Lauren” - Simon

"Congratulations to Jason on passing his driving test. Being Turkish it was hard work getting to test standard but with numerous diagrams and various explanations Jason's hard work has now paid off. Well done Jason!” - Simon

“A massive congratulations to Beth on passing first time with 3 minors” - Simon

"Learning to drive with Simon was great. Having started learning with a different driving school and lost interest, his lessons were really enjoyable and I learnt quickly. It felt like I was learning to drive, not just pass a test, so basically, Simon is the man" - Huw

“Congratulations to Jack on passing with Wannadrive” - Simon


“I always looked forward to each lesson with Simon, he created a relaxed and supportive atmosphere from the first drive. We easily handled each problem and learning curve as it came, and Simon was always patient even if it took a long time to resolve. Thanks for helping me pass!” - Jack

“Well done to Curtis for passing with Wannadrive” - Simon


“Brilliant driving instructor, glad I chose to learn with Wannadrive. Simon’s friendly, patient and makes everything more comfortable whilst learning to drive. I would recommend him to anyone as he helped me pass my test with 0 minors!” - Andy


“Hi Simon, I just wanted to pass on my sincere thanks for taking me on at such short notice. You worked miracles and restored my confidence when it had been knocked by a previous driving instructor. The result of your time and attention allowed me to pass my test on my first attempt with only 1 minor mistake. I can’t thank you enough and will give you the highest recommendation to anyone I know who wants to learn to drive. Thank you, thank you, thank you :0)” - Annie


“Congratulations to Michelle on passing first time” - Simon


"Simon's great, he was patient and I felt relaxed in the car. The lessons were funny and we always had a good time. I am definitely going to miss driving with him!" - Kieran


“Simon is a great driving instructor, he is always patient and makes you feel relaxed whilst learning but most of all he’s always a laugh and makes the whole lesson enjoyable, I’d recommend him to anyone! Thank you for teaching me to drive Simon” - Nick


“Learning with Simon was fun,  he is very patient and very relaxed which made learning enjoyable, he is a great instructor and would recommend to any1!!” - Kelly


"I thoroughly enjoyed my learning experience with simon; every lesson was enjoyable, there is always good banter and Simon remained patient even when I made silly mistakes. Overall I think Simon is a great instructor and I would recommend him to anyone who is looking at learning to drive". - Glynn


“Congratulations Rosie on passing your test in Cambridge” - Simon


“I am so glad I chose to drive with Wannadrive! Simon was patient with me and we always had a laugh during driving lessons even whilst doing the hideous reverse round a corner. Would recommend to everyone! Thanks Simon!” - Roo


“Brilliant driving instructor !!!! So patient with my 'blonde' moments !!! Very friendly, couldn’t ask for a better driving instructor !!! Passing first time with only 4 minors thaaaankyouuu Simon!!! Your a legend !!!” - Jade


“Simon is the best driving instructor around; he made me feel completely comfortable whilst learning so that I progressed quicker. I switched to Simon from another driving instructor after failing my test, and it was the best decision I made as I managed to pass first time with him. His laid back approach and great banter made lessons so much more enjoyable.” - Ollie


“Simon is a fantastic driving instructor! I looked forward to my lessons each time as there was so much banter and so many laughs! He made it enjoyable and made me feel so at ease, so patient especially when you get things wrong. I'd recommend Simon to anyone who is looking to learn! It's been a pleasure to be taught by him. Thank you so much! :)” - Paige


“Starting driving at first was very nervous, thinking I would never pick it up, simon settled me in well and picked it up quickly, always looked forward to lessons, learnt a lot and always had a good laugh, finally result, passed first time, with 5 minors and simon would be a great instructor for learners!” - Hayden


“There was banter every lesson so I always enjoyed them, but most importantly, I felt relaxed. Simon is extremely patient so I never felt under pressure even if I made a mistake. I never once considered looking for another instructor, i will certainly miss driving with him!” - Adam

James Soares

"Simon is a brilliant driving instructor who teaches you the best driving techniques whilst at the same time still making sure your lessons are always enjoyable and fun. If you want to pass your driving test and still have fun whilst learning, you can't go wrong with Simon :) Thanks to him, I managed to pass my driving test, highly recommended! :)" - James

matt cannon
Very Well Done Matt on passing your test first time

charlottel green

“It’s been great learning with Simon, he managed to fit the lessons around my full-time job and courses. The lessons were relaxed and fun! I always looked forward to my lesson every Saturday or after work. Simon helped me get through my little “Randoms” as we called them and helped me knuckle down when I really should. He’s patient and makes the lessons enjoyable with a good laugh. So a big THANK YOU! And I’ll see you for my Pass Plus!” - Charlotte

matt lavender

"Great driving instructor!! Easy to get along with and makes sure you understand the instructions for what you are doing.I found it easy to ask a question if you don't fully understand the instruction given to you.
Simon knows when to have a laugh and a joke and makes lessons really enjoyable.
I would recommend Simon to anyone!  " - Matt

“Having Simon as a driving instructor was really good, he was always very calm and patient. When I first started my driving lessons, Simon was the first one I went with, but then gave it up and went with two other instructors, by far I found more comfortable and relaxed in Simons car.  It was a laugh along the way as well as learning. I passed with 6 minors – Thank you so much for what you have taught me! A definite recommendation to other learners!” - Vicky

“Simon is easily the most patient person I know who also created a relaxed atmosphere whilst having the experience of when to be serious. Thoroughly enjoyed my learning with Simon and passed with only two minors.” - Craig

“Simon made learning to drive fun which made passing my test a lot easier. He was patient when I would make silly mistakes and help me through. A great instructor who shares some good banter! Thanks.” - Luke

“Simon is an awesome instructor, he made every lesson funny and enjoyable! He's very patient when you do something wrong and then you get some feedback to help correct the problem. Really good lessons , that's why I passed first time:) I would recommend Simon to anyone!
Thank you for everything :-)” - Siobhan

“Simon Dean as a driving instructor is one of the most patient and understanding instructors but what I believe is only unique to Simon is he keeps the banter and laughter at all times.... After swapping to Simon from a previous instructor, I improved greatly and passed in just over a month. After I failed my first test I lost all confidence, I swapped to Simon and he not only re installed my confidence but re kindled my love for driving. He turned lessons from a hassle into something to look forward to. I would not have done it without Simon.” - Jack

“Thanks to Simon, I was able to pass my test first time. Simon was calm and collected even when the mistakes were made by me. His fun, and comical approach towards lessons, brightened up my tuesday afternoons. Thanks Simon!” - Callum

“I learnt a lot from Simon. He couldn't of taught me a better way to drive. He made me feel comfortable and confident. Simon is very patient and makes you feel at ease. Thank you Simon :)” - Lorna

“Simon was a brilliant instructor, he wasted no time in building my confidence and skills from day 1. The lessons enabled you not only to pass your test but become competent at driving after as well. I looked forward to all my lessons and had many a laugh along the way. I would recommend Simon to anyone looking to learn as his patients and easy going personality make it a pleasure to be taught by him.” - Lewis

“Simon is a funny and easy going guy.  In a friendly way he pushed me to become more confident. If your on this website looking for an instructor, look no further, Simon's the man!  Thanks again :)” - Kyle

"Simon at Wannadrive was absolutely fantastic. After years of doing lessons with various driving schools it was a breath of fresh air to find someone who will not only teach you to pass your test, but will teach you to be a good driver through his astute knowledge of driving and his great personality.
This balance not only makes learning to drive interesting but it also makes it fun. You really could not ask for more in an instructor, I also passed first time with only 5 minors.Thanks Simon" - Richard

"Taking lessons with Simon was always enjoyable and had an easy going atmosphere. Simon was always patient with me and he made learning to drive exciting and every week i looked forward to my lessons. If i had to take lessons again i would definitely choose to drive with simon again. I honestly believe he is the best. :)" - Olivia

"Simon was terrific at helping me to relax and steadily build confidence in the car, whilst pushing me so that I could feel I was progressing each lesson. He was also extremely thorough in preparing me for my test with the result that I was ready on the day and was able to pass first time. I would recommend him to anybody, he's a top guy and his pass percentage speaks for itself. Thanks Simon!" - Ryan

"Simon is a great instructor. He's extremely knowledgable and he was able to teach me what he knows in a friendly environment. I was nervous when I first started but this friendly approach made learning a lot easier and much more enjoyable. I would recommend him to anyone. He is no doubt the reason I passed first time with no minors. Thank you lots. Looking forward to doing my pass plus." - Elsje

"Simon is a great driving instructor who made every lesson I had different and very enjoyable. He's fun with a great sense of humour but at the same time keeps calm and is very patient! I always looked forward to my lessons with Simon and when it came to test day I knew I was ready to rock and roll! I'd recommend Simon to anyone, he's a really great guy :) thank youu!" - Rhiannon

"I think my learning experience is pretty simple to sum up - it only took me 10 lessons to pass my test with 2 minors.
This result really shows belief and commitment that Simon has to ensure the best driving standards within the shortest learning time possible.
A great instructor and all round guy - hoping to do my Pass Plus with him soon." - Will

"Driving was a long and hard journey for me. However lucky for me I had Simon as my Driving Instructor. Simon was attentive, supportive, always patient and just in general a great person to be in the car with. Lessons were not only educational but enjoyable, which for me made my driving experience fantastic. Simon is a great driving instructor and with his help I was able to pass my driving test first time with only 3 minors, not only have I gained this crucial skill thanks to him but I also feel I gained a good friend. I would recommend Simon to anyone, and hopefully in the next few years my sister will also be learning with him." - Michael

"From day one, simon was a great driving instructor, he pushed me to be the best driver I could be. He taught me great techniques for the road which I have found so helpful now that I've passed - even my mum benefitted from such things as parallel parking tips and blind spot mirrors when I relayed my lessons to her! Not only was he a great instructor but his layed back and friendly approach made lessons fun and enjoyable as well as highly beneficial. All in all simon was a brilliant driving instructor and I would recommend him to anyone :)" - Alex

"Simon is a great driving instructor to learn with. He goes at your pace through all the manoeuvres and areas necessary for the test, yet at the same time teaching you to be a confident and aware driver.
I felt like I was progressing quickly to test whilst learning and that I was learning something new every lesson.
I would highly recommend Simon as a driving instructor." - Isaac

"Thankyou Simon for being a brilliant driving instructor. You were very patient, the best instructor by far! Thankyou again :)" - Kara

"Thankyou Simon for not freaking out when I took my hands off of the steering wheel and being patient with my interior mirror for the first million lessons. Learning to drive with Wannadrive brightened up my Thursday afternoons and I would recommend you to anyone." - Chloe

"Simon is a top guy who never failed to make me laugh, he made we feel confident and comfortable while driving, if you made a mistake he wouldn't mind but would give you a bit of friendly stick for it, he really knows his stuff and was the reason I passed first time, I would recommend him to anyone, thanks again for everything simon:)" - Joseph

"Thank you so much Simon for pushing me through and dealing with my stroppy moods! An excellent instructor who I will strongly recommend." - Verity

"Cheers Simon for helping me pass my driving test, even if it took me two attempts. I would recommend Simon to anyone who is interested in learning to drive.
Thankyou for being very patient with my stupid mistakes. See you about driving soon :)" - Dominic

"Simon is a very patient and easy going guy. I got along well with the way he taught the lessons using diagrams. He made me feel comfortable and very confident in control of the car. I would recommend simon to anyone who is learning to drive as you will learn all you need to know. He is also very funny and there is never a lesson of silence, excellent and thank you for helping me pass my test. :)" - Lizzel

"Simon is a legend. He makes learning to drive fun, with his brilliant sense of humour to go along with it. He is very patient and calm and never looses his temper, even when I did go left instead of right in my first ever driving lesson. Overall I have really enjoyed my lessons and all the first class banter, and I'm really going to miss the old chap! Thanks Simonontaaaayy!" - Rosie

" Learning with Simon made driving easier for me. The confidence I gained from driving learning with Simon and driving the Yaris mean't that I wasn't feeling worried about my driving test. I passed on the 24th January with 2 minors and it was all thanks to Wannadrive". - Aidan

"I always looked forward to my lesson on a Saturday morning. I took my test feeling ready to start driving on my own. I don't think I could of had a better start to driving with anybody else:) Thanks Simon" - Emma

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