How do I apply for a provisional licence?

Application form D1 and photo card application D750 are available from most Post Offices. It is also advisable to have an eyesight test to check you meet the minimum eyesight standard for driving. You must be able to read a standard number plate from 20.5 metres.

Information on Passing the Theory Test

Visit the DSA Website for booking your practical driving test online.It is a good idea to study for your theory test as soon as you get your provisional licence. The knowledge you will gain will help you whilst you are learning to drive, it could also reduce the amount of lessons needed. Peterborough and Cambridge are the closest test centres in this area.

Online Theory Test Website

Under The Bonnet

no_entry The Top 10 reasons why people fail their driving tests no_entry
1. Observation at junctions - Ineffective observation and judgement
2. Reverse parking - Ineffective observation or a lack of accuracy
3. Use of mirrors - Not checking or not acting on the information
4. Reversing around a corner - Ineffective observation or a lack of accuracy
5. Incorrect use of signals - Not cancelling or giving misleading signals
6. Moving away safely - Ineffective observation
7. Incorrect positioning on the road - At roundabouts or on bends
8. Lack of steering control - Steering too early or leaving it too late
9. Incorrect positioning to turn right - At junctions and in one way streets
10. Inappropriate speed - Travelling too slowly or being hesitant

Information on Passing the Practical Test

The practical test lasts approximately 40 minutes and is conducted by the Driving Standards Agency It will be conducted at your local driving test centre by an examiner, although you may take your test anywhere in the country. 

During your test you will be required to show the examiner that you can drive to the standards set by the DSA. You will also have to complete one manoeuvre and possibly the Emergency Stop if the examiner has the time and opportunity.

At the end of the test, the examiner will offer you a debrief to explain what went well or where you need to improve, you can ask the examiner to call over your instructor to listen to this debrief as this may be helpful.

The test will be taken in the car you learn in, unless you decide to take it in your own car. Your instructors car will be insured for you to learn in and take your driving test. If you decide to take the test in your own car you should check with your insurance company that it is insured for tests. 

Links to online Resources for the Practical Test

DSA Practical Test Guides
Driving Standards Agency’s YouTube channel

What is Pass Plus?

Pass Plus is a voluntary scheme covering 6 modules listed below and must take a minimum of 6 hours.

Town driving
All weather driving
Out of town and rural roads
Night driving
Dual Carriageways

Pass Plus offers the following benefits:-

Newly qualified drivers - safer driving and discounted motor insurance

Instructors - opportunity to help newly qualified drivers develop their skills and knowledge

Insurers - fewer claims and less expenditure

General public - safer roads

For further details goto

How much does learning to drive cost?

Driving is a skill that some people learn quicker than others. DSA Figures show it takes an average of 40 hours of lessons and a further 25 hours of additional practice with family or friends. However as with all skills, different people learn at different paces.

Please call for prices and special offers on block bookings.

Cancellation Policy

You must give me a minimum of 48 hours notice to avoid being charged for your booked lesson. 
Please let me know as soon as possible if you need to cancel your lesson, this will help me reschedule my day in advance as I frequently have pupils waiting for cancellations.

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